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As your business partner from start to finish, Katecho offers an array of logistics solutions that serve as an extension of your business. We can help you mange your inventory, warehouse your products, and ship directly to your customers quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, experienced professionals at every level, and the passion of building innovation for life, we can turn your idea into a reality. Contact us today to explore the virtually endless possibilities Katecho has to offer in contract manufacturing.

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Inventory Management


Katecho can manage your inventory for you in two ways. Through an SMI (supplier managed inventory) program, Katecho can manage inventory that is stored at your facility. Or we can manage the products you store in our warehouse using the KMI (Katecho managed inventory) program.  Either way, we’ll make sure your product is appropriately stocked.


Katecho has the flexibility to work with your inventory management system or the system we developed. Either way, your customers will see us simply as an extension of your business.


Inventory management with Katecho can help you lower inventory levels, reduce warehouse space, increase inventory turns, shorten lead times, reduce back orders, and ultimately improve cash flow.

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Katecho provides warehousing for products and components we manufacture, as well as those we do not, for a nominal fee.


Our large, climate-controlled warehouse is located at our manufacturing facility for convenience and quality control. Katecho takes pride in maintaining a pristine building that exceeds your expectations for organization, safety, and cleanliness.


Warehousing with Katecho is an ideal solution if you have limited or no warehouse capacity. It allows us to direct ship products to your end customer — even when the shipment includes items that we do not manufacture.

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Direct Shipping


Katecho has the flexibility to work with either your system or ours to ship your product directly from our facility to the end customer. Either way, your customers will see us simply as an extension of your business.


Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Katecho is positioned across the street from the airport at the intersection of Interstates 80 (which runs east-west) and 35 (which runs north-south). Our convenient central location allows us to ship quickly and cost-effectively.


Direct shipping to anywhere in the world eliminates one of the steps in the delivery process. Your product is shipped right to your customer, rather than to you. This results in shorter lead times, less inventory, lower costs, and better service to your customers.

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