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Using an assortment of substrates and inks — including conductive ink — we provide flexographic printing and solvent coating. Our substrate heat treating and ink technology ensures an exceptionally clean and durable printed surface that can be used on a multitude of products.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, experienced professionals at every level, and the passion of building innovation for life, we can turn your idea into a reality. Contact us today to explore the virtually endless possibilities Katecho has to offer in contract manufacturing.

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Flexographic Printing


Our flexographic print stations are interchangeable, so they offer greater flexibility in the printing process. Katecho also has infrared sensors that measure the temperature of the substrate to ensure precise drying. And our die-cutting, automatic roll-change, and Corona treater capabilities speed up printing and reduce production costs.


At Katecho, we can print on many types of substrates, such as paper, foil and poly films — with a variety of types of ink, like solvent-based, water-based, ultraviolet-cured and conductive inks.


Printing in-house allows us to control quality and costs, as well as guarantee inventory, produce in a variety of quantities, and bring products to market faster.

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Flex Circuit Printing


Our process is unique because it is servo-controlled roll-to-roll printing for the highest level of precision. Our advanced drying system features multiple types of heating — such as ultraviolet, infrared, and high-volume hot-jet air — for greater flexibility. And our Corona treater ultimately improves print adhesion and durability.


Flexible circuit printing can be done on poly films — with dielectric and conductive inks.  Graphic inks may be printed on the backside to display artwork, logos, or instructions.


Unique flexible circuits can be utilized to achieve a wireless product design that is discrete and comfortable for the end user. With flexographic printing, we can offer precise printing for products that require high tolerance.

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Conductive Ink Printing


If you have a product that requires certain performance characteristics, we can assist with identifying appropriate inks as well as design a custom print impression to meet your needs.


Flexographic printing with conductive ink is ideal for sensing electrodes, conductor plates, and TENS electrodes. Using a conductive film, we are able to create a material that is conductive from one side to the other for use in defibrillation electrodes, TENS electrodes and more.


Silver and silver/silver-chloride conductive inks can be printed onto paper, foil, poly films, carbon loaded vinyl, and more.

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