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Process Design

With advanced designing, machining, and integrating capabilities, Katecho can develop an innovative manufacturing process for your product. Whether you are launching a new product or improving upon an existing one, we deliver cost-effective process solutions to suit your quantity and quality requirements.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, experienced professionals at every level, and the passion of building innovation for life, we can turn your idea into a reality. Contact us today to explore the virtually endless possibilities Katecho has to offer in contract manufacturing.

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To complement our manufacturing business, we offer design services. We will help create a manufacturing process that drives down costs, meets capacity needs, and builds high-quality products.


Our team of process engineers, product engineers, and equipment engineers all work together to produce the best process design possible.


Because we build a process that is specific to your product, we can continually adjust it to meet changing volume requirements, lower production costs, and maintain quality. Our process design offers you the best value as your product progresses from the initial launch through phases of growth.

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We offer machining to accompany our process design and integration. As a value-added service, machining is available to you at minimal cost.


Our machining resources include an in-house machine shop, master machinists, and cutting-edge equipment. Just a sampling of our equipment includes: CNC machining centers, conventional lathes and mills, welding, sawing and PLC programming — all committed to building your process. If we are unable to perform a specific task, we reach out to our trusted partners for machining services.


By machining in-house, Katecho can design and develop processes quickly and cost-effectively. We also provide greater versatility and flexibility in design, since we can try out different solutions right on site.

Machined gears
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Whether we build your process in-house, or outsource specific elements to one of our trusted partners, we manage the project from start to finish for seamless process integration.


Our manufacturing facility has floor space designated for assembly and integration, as well as a team of programmers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers — all dedicated to sharing their expertise and developing a comprehensive process for your product.


At Katecho, we have worked with robotics, vibratory bowls, vision systems, dispensing systems, gluing, ultrasonics, radio frequency (RF) welding, conveyors, servo presses, heat sealers, web management, integrated quality checks, and different control systems.

Robotic arm
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