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Product Design

We offer product design, prototyping, and testing capabilities. First we will help design your product to be manufacturable and cost competitive. Then we will quickly and cost-effectively build a prototype. Finally, we will develop and conduct extensive testing procedures for your product.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, experienced professionals at every level, and the passion of building innovation for life, we can turn your idea into a reality. Contact us today to explore the virtually endless possibilities Katecho has to offer in contract manufacturing.

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To complement our manufacturing business, we offer design services at minimal costs or at no charge to help you launch new products and drive prices down on existing products.


We will help you design your product for functionality and manufacturability — making your idea possible and profitable.


Our team of design engineers and chemists will collaborate with you to develop your idea. We will help design a new product, or help redesign an existing product to decrease costs and increase quality.

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Our manufacturing facility has an entire engineering team, floor space, and a wide variety of in-stock materials dedicated to rapid prototyping. Our highly specialized equipment includes presses, printers, and converting equipment.


From a very small quantity to large production runs, we can quickly prototype your product as it progresses through the conceptual, feasibility, validation stages.


Because of our specialized equipment and in-stock materials, we have versatile production capabilities for quick turnaround on prototypes, which speeds up the design process and ultimately gets your product on the market faster and more cost effectively.

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Not only do we develop and compose testing protocol, we also perform product testing on site, as well as analyze and report data findings.


Katecho has a full staff of biomedical engineers and lab technicians, as well as equipment and floor space, designated specifically for testing. If we are unable to perform a specific test in-house, we reach out to our trusted lab partners for testing services.


Katecho offers a wide variety of testing types, including electrical, chemical, mechanical, environmental, and biological.

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